Our LGBT+ helpline service provides answers to the questions that people have, offers support when needed, and a listening ear to those who need someone to discuss their concerns with. The project is made possible thanks to funding received from Karbon Homes.

The project is currently being run remotely, meaning that during the COVID-19 pandemic, face-to-face befriending won’t be available. Instead, this service will run via email for the time being.

Who is this service for?

This service is open to anyone LGBT+, residing in the North East of England.

What support is available?

Our team of volunteers are ready to respond to questions such as what a sexual health test consists of, how and where to access safe-sex resources or information, information on regional organisations and services available for LGBT+ people.

How do I access support?

As this service is currently being run remotely, please complete the form below. We’ll be using the form below during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, to better respond to queries. When things return to normal, we will once again utilise the service referral forms, which are available as an online link.